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Make a loud design statement in a bathroom without tiles.

Natural plaster for wet room and bathrooms can create a visual and tactile experience which will set the space apart from all others. Replace tiles and grout with silky, textured walls in any shade or pattern to emulate luxury and style.

Smooth, seam-free wall finish in a bathroom used to be problematic, as panels, wallpaper or paint just can’t stand the test of time and wet conditions to keep looking their best. Natural plaster provides a brilliant alternative to traditional wet room wall coverings, one which will continue to impress with design and quality for years and years.

With natural plaster you can achieve the look of rustic stone, grey concrete or even marble – while ensuring complete moisture protection.

The greatest benefit to a bathroom without tiles is the elimination of grout. Grout is difficult to clean and it doesn’t take long before it becomes unsightly and starts breading bacteria.

Using an appropriate plaster enables you to have a stylish and versatile wet room where there’s no grout or joins for bacteria to breed. This means that they are perfect for rooms where style and hygiene are a chief concern.

Natural Earth’s experts use wet room natural plaster to create our stunning bespoke wall finish. This solution offer a seamless, completely waterproof functional surface, which is also 100% water proof, mould resistant, with no maintenance required.

So, if you would like a sustainable, waterproof wall covering to create a stunning effect in any part of your home or workplace, Natural Earth Plasters can help you achieve it. No matter the size of the project we’re happy to discuss it with you.

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