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All wall surfaces in our home must work hard, whilst their main purpose is to provide protection to the structure, they also, create comfort and warmth, bring a room scheme together and are an expression of your taste and style. Having worked with Shikkui for many years now, I’m always challenging its capabilities to see how we can make our walls even more of a personal statement.

Having met Gina, it was very clear we both share the same passion for Art and Japanese Heritage. We soon started exploring the idea of collaborating Shikkui wall finishes with her beautiful artwork, and we fell in love with the finished result. We are now so pleased to be able to offer these hand painted murals and Shikkui plaster finishes.

To explore the possibilities with you, we would organise a consultation with you, we will get a real feel for you, your passions, the colours you wish to explore, the room the mural will sit within, and the final piece you are hoping to achieve, to make sure that the artwork created is a true reflection of you. Once we have presented our recommendations to you, we will begin the design process.

natural earth plastersGina Watkinson

Gina Watkinson - Hand Painted Japanese Murals & Mural DesignGina is a mural and fine artist designer, based in the Peak District.

Gina has pursued her passion for creative art for many years as a contemporary impressionist artist with both private and commercial projects within her portfolio.

Gina’s versatility and ability to listen and translate her clients’ visions into beautiful pieces, has led to an impressive and ever-expanding loyal client base. Her love and pursuit of Japanese Nihonga (a style of Japanese painting) and Shodo (a form of calligraphy), has led to her recent collaboration with Natural Earth Plasters!

natural earth plastersPaul Dixon

Paul Dixon - Hand Painted Japanese Murals & Mural DesignHaving worked with natural plasters for many years, I have spent a long time travelling the World, learning different techniques, and exploring different products, but Shikkui has always stood out to me. Shikkui has an understated simplicity, unrivalled durability and many health benefits make it a clear winner, and the perfect base for our mural designs.

The fusion of Gina and Paul’s artwork, creates exquisite timeless and completely unique pieces for your home. Get in touch if you would like to know more information!

natural earth plastersTestimonial

"Paul has deep knowledge of plasters through his long and wide experience. It was not by accident but by a determination guided by his passion and belief to make this world more comfortable place by plaster’s potentiality that he ultimately found our company and our products.

Our company also has struggled through a long road in order to produce better products guided by the same passion and belief. It was lucky that we were both ready to start in UK when we met.

He came to Japan to have very intensive training from our best plasterers who were even awarded the Medal. And the speed of understanding and absorption proved the level of skill and the deepness of knowledge which Paul has acquired through his experience.

He not only learned techniques but also the spirit of perfection and serenity which Japanese plasterers endeavor. He would be the best evangelist to propagate the essence of Shikkui to UK."

Nobuyoshi Yukihira (行平信義)President, Tagawa Sangyo Ltd Japan

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