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natural earth plastersmetallic plasters

Natural Earth Finishes are happy to be able to offer a new and exciting range of metallic finishes. They can be added as a feature wall or to create a seamless shower, wet-room or bathroom in a luxurious metal finish! The coatings include copper, brass or pewter plus many more amazing metals, just contact for more details.

Our product comprises of 95% metal powder suspended in a liquid which allows us to cover most surfaces seamlessly.

The product can even be applied to outdoor surfaces with a special sealer to protect from the elements. Just imagine coating endless products with a real metal finish which has a cold touch and is indistinguishable from sheeted metal.

With these endless applications and areas of use, it has never been easier to achieve an elegant look for your hotel foyer reception desk, bars and yacht interiors!

Our fully trained craftsmen are ready to apply this beautiful product to your interiors and exterior surfaces.

Call us to discuss your next project and have a very unique and desirable finish in your interior.

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