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Shikkui or Japanese Plaster is a traditional and innovative Japanese lime plaster made of slaked lime of high calcium purity with additives including seaweed extracts to help stability, soybean oil to improve workability and naturally boost water -repellent properties for exterior work, natural plant fibres to aid anti cracking (developed from centuries of earthquake experience) and other natural aggregates such as eggshells. Some blends of Shikkui Plasters have 50% added eggshells making it a truly eco-friendly product. Other additives include long grained Diatomaceous Earth mineral products of a type found only in Japan, which are formed from plankton skeletons and present hygroscopic qualities to help control humidity.

Formulations of Japanese plaster have been used widely throughout Japan for more than one thousand years, for both internal and external walls of houses, temples and castles, as well as for ceilings and specialist decorative purposes.

This coatings are natural lime plaster systems developed and manufactured in Japan for walls and ceilings that achieve a stunning range of traditional and modern finishes, including a full range of Venetian Stucco and stone effects. Customize color and texture for unlimited creative freedom. Shikkui coatings are zero-VOC, non-toxic, and made with up to 50% reprocessed eggshells – a rapidly-renewable, pre-consumer source of high-grade calcium carbonate – an ideal example of up cycling.

The coatings are highly porous and naturally antiseptic, so indoor air quality is actively improved for healthier spaces.

All Shikkui products are manufactured in Japan under strict requirements to product quality and human health.

Whether a single wall or ceiling, a room or series of rooms, or a range of buildings we provide a complete service to advise on colours and textures, together with a professional application service based on many years of practical experience. Our team will manage your project from start to finish providing the very best of service and giving you a finished product which is unique to Shikkui Plaster.

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